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REPUBLICAN PARTY - "No children have ever meddled with the Republican Party and lived to tell about it." ---Sideshow Bob, Republican---

A REGIME IN DENIAL - There's no double dip recession. Just like there were no US troops in Baghdad in 2003!

THE GREAT DECONSTRUCTOR - The truth is what O decides!!!

A BAGHDAD BOB MOMENT - Obama doubles down on the AGW Hoax and rushes towards his own Baghdad Bob moment in Copenhagen.

Attention Low Information Voters -

BILL CLINTON - Touring The Gulf Oil Spill

Baghdad-Bama -

TRANSPARENCY IN THE WHITE HOUSE - What do you expect from a Chicago politican? Change you can believe in...

HELP CONTROL THE DUMBASS POPULATION - have your liberal spayed or neutered partnership for a liberal free America

BOBBY JINDAL: "OBAMNEY!" - “There’s only one candidate, Gov. Romney, who has committed that he will repeal the Obamney, uh, the Obamacare tax increase!’’ Bobby Jindal said. (Even hard-core Republicans can't tell the difference!)

GOP - Bobby Jindal is right: Republicans are now the "Goddamned Oblivious Party."

GOP: State of Disrepair -

DON'T NEED A WEATHERMAN - to know which way the wind blows

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vbattaile - October 23, 2012, 7:07 am
He certainly proved that at the "debate" tonite.........

Democrats Still Support Me. -

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GrouchoMarxists - November 20, 2017, 2:06 pm
...You are lamely attempting to socially engineer the mods here.Any troll can make another account on other sites with my handle or ID and claim it's "proof" of socking.Isnt relevant if it doesnt happen on THIS site.Sorry your scam aint working.Tissue?..
inflatedego - November 20, 2017, 1:55 pm
Go change your depends... You have been exposed to be sock puppet, what was it... Karl Marxed
GrouchoMarxists - November 20, 2017, 1:52 pm
...Untrue, lib. In the private little love letter you PMed me, you clearly begged me “to really stop” coming here. Go back to the People’s Cube if you can’t handle my return. Sit and spin, lib...
inflatedego - November 20, 2017, 1:40 pm
I'm not begging anything.. I'm just calling a fraud a fraud.. you're a talentless internet hack..
GrouchoMarxists - November 20, 2017, 1:37 pm
...I got your little love letter you PMed me, stalker. That’s really cute, lib. In your message you begged me to stop coming here. Tissue?
inflatedego - November 20, 2017, 8:39 am
Karl Marxed? That's really cute "Karlmarxed Who cares? Don't bring another board's drama here, retard"
inflatedego - November 20, 2017, 7:28 am
I'm certain you'll edit those remarks
inflatedego - November 20, 2017, 7:11 am
Did you see what you called yourself?
GrouchoMarxists - November 20, 2017, 2:09 am
You're really cute...
inflatedego - November 19, 2017, 10:42 pm
http://iotwreport.com/character-witnesses-former-girlfriends-employees-and-childhood-friends-step-up-to-defend-roy-moore/#comment-693933 Poor groucho sock puppet
inflatedego - November 19, 2017, 10:33 pm
Why did you call yourself a fraud?
GrouchoMarxists - November 19, 2017, 10:28 pm
... Thanks, moonbat. Glad you saw my post there and took the bait. Now I have proof you ARE stalking me from there. I figured if I joked about your paranoia there, then it would smoke you out. Funny that, choker ...
inflatedego - November 19, 2017, 10:16 pm
http://thepeoplescube.com/post216914.html#216914 Great post Groucho
BUCKO - November 18, 2017, 8:42 pm
inflatedego - November 18, 2017, 8:12 pm
Still waiting for democrats to grow a conscience

Baghdad Bob -

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Political Retribution -

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Zeitguy - March 7, 2015, 9:48 pm
It's good to be king

karma -

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fauxnews - April 4, 2016, 1:58 pm
Comparing Reagan to Trump is a stupid comparison. Why don't you go full hilt with this and say, hurr durr "Lincoln didn't stand a chance either"....If we are going to be delusional here, why not go big or go home, right? Cheers
freasy - April 4, 2016, 10:40 am
Yeah, Reagan didn't stand a chance either.................

Bob Troll -

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Bandit5906 - February 2, 2016, 9:02 pm
Forgetting Cruz admitted stealing Carson's votes. Well principled is he?

30 Rock -

Someone must have dropped an anchor... -

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mittromney - August 29, 2015, 1:19 pm
/You're gonna get the sh*ts from all those sour gra**s.Jindal has made many derogatory remarks against immigrants~legal and illegal.The article Bub posted doesnt deny Jin's hypocrisy.If laws were stricter,neither he nor his parents should be allowed here/
Cyberhagen - August 29, 2015, 12:54 pm
No, he doesn't rail against immigrants. That's a bald faced lie. He is against *illegal* immigration. His parents did it right, as the article proves, but don't let actual facts get in the way of your rant.
Dwydwyyr - August 27, 2015, 9:57 am
TL;DR You probably could've saved yourself the trouble and simply typed "wah." I stopped reading after your 1st line since it's obviously untrue.Jindal rails against immigrants when he's a hypocrite considering his origins.Do with that what you will.TTFN
be2bubba - August 27, 2015, 7:31 am
If you would like to take umbrage with those sections of the article feel free to punch holes in their validity. That is the basis of a debate or an argument not cherry picking one-liners. I understand this is an entertainment site hence your response.
be2bubba - August 27, 2015, 7:27 am
There are indeed portions of the article that could be used to refute your claims based on the legal status of his parents. Which is again interesting as you didn't properly cite both portions and instead attempted to use passive aggressive smack talk.
be2bubba - August 27, 2015, 7:22 am
I actually read the article. I find it interesting that me posting an article clarifying the poster is considered an attack on your position. Please do not a**ume that I am directly opposing you as to rather supplying facts to a debate.
Dwydwyyr - August 26, 2015, 10:27 am
"[on the term] anchor babies...during an interview with Fox News where, on being pressed by the host, Jindal said, 'I’m happy to use the phrase,'" -end quote.Tnx again for this link, as I said,proves my claim (hint - actually READ your article next time)
Dwydwyyr - August 26, 2015, 10:24 am
Nice citation to back up my poster. Thanx. quote from link you posted - "...regarding Jindal’s personal timeline, the post is accurate.Jindal’s parents moved from India to Baton Rouge, La., on Feb. 1, 1971. Jindal was born on June 10, 1971."
be2bubba - August 26, 2015, 7:36 am

liberal thinking -

Bobby Jindal -

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DebtToAmerica - March 1, 2015, 6:03 pm
they want people to say climate change is not manmade, because they can then say "see? he's crazy! dont listen to him when he says our solutions are stupid!"
DebtToAmerica - March 1, 2015, 6:02 pm
exactly! unfortunately, the only way to argue against their anti-free-market bull**** is to shift the discussion away from "is it manmade or not" so time can be spent explaining just how ineffective and stupid their suggested solutions are.

That saying: "It's black or white!" -

Doesn' t he know -

Bobby Jindal -